Interesting Facts about Casino

Gambling has a very long and deep history. Some people do not even guess which secrets hide the elements paraphernalia  of gambling .

In this article we will discover some interesting  facts about casino.

  • On the drums of the first slot machines, maps were depicted, but because of the government struggle against gambling, they were replaced by fruits.
  • The first slot machines looked like an iron boxes  with a handle and worked on the principle of transferring momentum from the lever to the drums using a system of shafts and gears.
  • The floors of the casinos  are mostly cover with a bright attractive patterns  that raises the mood and enthusiasm of visitors.
  • Solid casinos aromatize the air in the room with unobtrusive perfume so that the game in this casino is associated with pleasant smells, which increases the craving for excitement.
  • Casino halls often have the structure of a labyrinth. This is done in case if the visitor already decides to go, but on the way to the exit will stumble on other gaming machines and will be tempted to stay.
  • The administration of gambling clubs constantly gives valuable gifts to regular visitors who manage to win a large sum. Thus, they support interest  and enhance the reputation of the institution.
  • The windows are covered with heavy curtains in gambling establishments, and there are no clocks in the halls. This deprives the player of information about how much time he or she spent in the casino and gives him the opportunity to focus on the game.
  • Images of kings on playing cards have real prototypes from history: Hearts – Charlemagne, Clovers(Clubs) – Alexandre de Macédoine, Tiles(Diamonds)- Julius Caesar, Pikes(Spades) – King David.
  • The cards themselves display 52 weeks in a year,  4 suits – 4 seasons. If you add the nominations of all cards in the deck and add the joker, then 365 will appear – the number of days in a year.
  • 4 major card suits were formed in France in 1480. Each of them personified a certain estate. Hearts are for  clergy and the church, peaks are noblemen, tiles for merchants, and clubs for ordinary people or peasants.
  • The system of roulette rotation was invented by the famous scientist Blaise Pascal.
  • Albert Einstein once said that the probability of winning roulette in no way depends on the player’s system. It’s just an accident that can happen or not.
  • The lottery is the most common gambling in the world. Social studies have proven that a large part of the world’s population has ever participated in a certain lottery.

Hope, that you’ve discovered something new about the gaming industry and casino itself!