One of the effects of alcohol is addiction. There are so many rehab centres that are dedicated to treating drug abuse and alcohol addiction how to stop being an addict Due to lack of regulations by the government, many of the rehab centres financially exploit the patients and abuse their rights. The treatments that they offer is not adequate and the patient may come out of the rehab centres worse than when they joined them. It is apparent that most of these rehab centres are only motivated with huge profits at the expense of patient’s health. This article explores some of the things that are wrongly done at the rehab centres.

  • Personal history matters-in order to offer a good treatment program, it is important that the rehab centre offers each patient a personalized service that is relevant to the addict’s unique requirements. However, most of the rehab apply generalized programs which in most cases do not take into consideration the unique needs of patients.
  • Drug detox is different from drug rehab– in order to be fully recover from alcoholism, there are a number of things to be done than just to stop drinking. Your body and mind need to be healed of intoxicants. This will be the initial stage of preparing you for rehab sessions and programs. There are a number of problems that come with addiction. These include: anxiety, depression, trauma etc. These conditions must be treated before you commence the process of healing. Programs that only emphasize abstinence without addressing the key problems that come with addiction are doomed to fail.

    As most rehab centres focus only on abstinence, the chances of patients relapsing to addiction are very high.

  • Alcoholics anonymous- Rehab centres are increasingly devising rehab programs based upon AA. It is critical to understand that AA is only fellowship and not a scientifically approved medical treatment method. When it comes to treating addiction, the treatment method must be scientifically proven to work. Instead of entirely using AA as a treatment plan, it should be used as a support program. 

Herbal remedies aren’t medications- When treating addiction, only FDA approved conventional drugs should be used. Although the market of today’s day and age is filled with herbal medicines that claim to aid in leaving addiction, not all are effective. Centres entirely using herbal medication to treat addiction do more harm to the patient than good.

  • Cover– in case you have a medical cover, most of the rehab centres are only interested in milking dry the cover at the expense of offering you the best quality programs.
  • Accreditation– Although it is not compulsory for St. Johns Rehab Place to receive a national accreditation, those which have done so send a good positive signal to patients.
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