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Mark Hancock,_Augmentology: Interfaccia Tra Due Mondi_

[Sponsored by The Ars Virtua Foundation/CADRE Laboratory for New Media]

Bowtox is a low-level World of Warcraft character located on a USA PvP Server. Bowtox has just placed 7 items up for sale in the Ironforge Auction House. He now needs to check his mail at the Bank mailbox. As he runs over the Auction House bridge towards the box, he sees multiple character corpses arranged in a pattern.

Bowtox discovers the swastika in Ironforge.

While stopping to get a better look at the corpses, Bowtox realises that the pattern is, in fact, a Swastika. On closer investigation, it becomes obvious that the corpses have been deliberately arranged in order to form this shape. As a group begins to form around the symbol, local and general chat channels fill with character speculation regarding the symbol’s meaning.

Growing concern regarding the symbol.

Several characters gathered around the symbol engage in a discussion regarding its potential meaning[s] – does it indicate spiritual intentions? Or could it be a Nazi symbol seeking to provoke racial hatred? When realising each of the corpses have names with racist overtones, Bowtox sees the symbol as sinister. He decides to encourage a spontaneous mob-based action to counteract any negativity involved.

Mobilizing the Group