Features of national casinos

In people, the word “casino” is often associated with something forbidden, negative …

Olympic Casino concept is similar to similar entertainment facilities in Las Vegas. In other words, the casino should be a holiday with elements of the show for everyone, even if it’s a bit of a gamble. Both in Latvia and in Estonia there are people who think that this is evil and that it is better to bypass such places by party. But you can not only play, but just watch the game, for the events taking place.

In Lithuania, where we, by the way, were the first to receive a license, the situation is completely different. Earlier gambling business there was considered illegal, and now casinos in the eyes of the population have a positive image. We, for example, cooperate with the charity fund of the wife of Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus, and the head of state himself often happens to us. In Latvia, this is hard to imagine – it would be amazing to see Vaira Vike-Freiberga in the casino …

If we talk about Estonians and Russians, they, by virtue of their mentality, treat the game differently. If an Estonian loses money, he simply states: I’m at zero. In a similar situation, the Russian should emphasize which amount he lost, often exaggerating it a little. As in other spheres of life, and in casinos, Russians are more adventurous and open.

Of the two new casinos, one opened in the shopping center Domina Shopping (investments amounted to 700 thousand Ls). Casino next to supermarkets – for Latvia this is a new concept.

This is a new concept for the shopping centers themselves. They become places of entertainment. In Estonia, our casino is open in two large centers. But we are not the only ones with such an initiative, like our competitors do. In fact, shopping is combined with other ways of spending time. That is, you can make purchases in the same place, go to the cinema, play in a casino.

In Estonia, casinos can not be advertised, we risk a license. In Latvia it is possible, however, you have stricter laws regarding the holding of lotteries, and even higher taxes. For example, in Estonia people do not pay anything with a win, but 25% of the state must give it to the state.